Creating trust in the connection economy with Sara Wheelwright

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Sara Wheelwright is the founder of Trusted directory services; Trusted Saskatoon and Trusted Regina. She is also the founder of the Trusted Marketing Services.

The founding story of Trusted is rooted in a desire to help others from personal experience. Sara, the Trusted Founder, arrived in Saskatchewan from the UK in 2006. With no one to recommend businesses or services to her, she struggled to find good providers for her many immediate needs. Although she spent hours Googling for the products and services her family required, she still encountered bad service and had no idea who to choose.

This was very stressful experience and she searched for something online to find local, verified businesses; something for people like her and the thousands of other newcomers that were arriving every month. People with no local knowledge or contacts, people from other parts of Canada and from all around the World...there the first seeds of Trusted were sown!

From this idea to help others find businesses people can trust, the directory services came to life. Of course the natural evolution of these services is to then help the businesses people can trust reach the customers they need. Trusted Marketing Services does just that.

In this podcast Sara shares in depth her founding story and struggles she sees small enterprises facing. She shares her thoughts on what it takes to create trust with your customers in this new economy we all find ourselves in.

Isn't it ironic, that in an ever increasing connected economy more noise is created than trust.  Sara and her team work to guide their customers through this.

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