Hi, I’m Steve Whittington,

I help organizations transform their end to end customer experience.

Learn where to start improving your customer journey by mapping your current state.

Steve Whittington, a customer experience architect, and keynote speaker

Since 2012 I have been creating a simple framework to measure the end to end customer journey. I started with basic marketing ROI and as I moved through the customer journey I realized: sales metrics, revenue metrics, service metrics, reputation metrics and the overall voice of the customer were all needed. I learned how to measure and gather all this “game tape” for teams to review.

All these metrics are placed in a framework. Imagine gathering insights and understanding on how to retain more customers, close more customers and increase existing customer satisfaction so they become a promoter of your business. What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed can be improved.

Customer Experience is a competitive advantage that all organizations have the opportunity to create. My goal is to share and teach organizations how to achieve this.

Thriving in the Customer Age

Creating a truly remarkable customer experience has long been known as the competitive advantage that can transform your business results. But how does a business consistently provide this high-quality experience? What are the steps? How is a customer experience initiative measured? How does it improve the bottom line?

Thriving in the Customer Age provides a simple framework with eight key metrics that can be applied and used to measure your customer experience initiative results, tied directly to the bottom line.

This book demystifies one of the most important sales and marketing practices that can help you level up, futureproof your business, and lay down a solid foundation for digital transformation. It’s a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you map, design, measure and iterate the customer journey in both B2C and B2B organizations.

Not only does it detail the process and methodology, but also shows you how to track and improve performance of every component resulting in improved revenue and profitability. In my opinion, every organization that wants to compete in the modern marketplace needs to understand these concepts.
Ernest Barbaric
Executive Coach, Digital Marketing Strategist