What to do when you get a bad online review?

Posted by on January 4, 2020

The blog post below is an excerpt from Thriving in the Customer Age. It is one of the many highlighted best practices that outlined in the book. Bad reviews are going to happen. We do not live in a world in which everything is five-star or 10 out of 10. The question most businesses obsessively worry […]

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Do you believe the customer is the most important thing?

Posted by on October 7, 2016

There is more focus on customer experience now than ever before. Interestingly enough, when you read why brands are focusing on the customer experience the reasons given are more excuses or accusations. What we’re not seeing are brands aspiring to have a great customer experience because that’s what best for their business. Typical reasons given […]

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Forgotten Customers

Posted by on January 5, 2013

We have been reviewing our marketing costs with a great deal of scrutiny. The litmus test is simple: can we track results? If not, we need to change the medium, or the offer, or ditch the channel entirely. More on this in another blog. But more importantly, our review has also brought forth an embarrassing […]

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