Experiencing the joy of work through five steps

Posted by Steve Whittington on Jul 3, 2015 4:02:49 PM


The harder the climb the greater the joy The harder the climb the greater the joy.

I am sitting at a picnic table in Waterton National Park. It is a pleasant, warm day.  The view across the valley is what I have been needing to recharge my being; it transfixes my gaze.  In the right moments the sun catches the southern face of Mount Galway causing  the oxidized iron in the exposed argillite on its lower flanks to flare a brilliant red.  As I stare at the mountain, I soak up its beauty, its lines and I  imagine  the route I would take to the summit. Every mountain that catches my eye undergoes the same analysis.  For me one of the joys of climbing comes in the challenge.  The greater the challenge the greater the joy.

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