Closing the 80% Gap in Sales

What to do when you get a bad online review?

Does Technology = Effective Customer Experience?

How do you hear your customer voice?

Great service is not about being perfect, it is about what you do when things fall apart.

Is Retail Doomed?

Book coming soon!

How taking parental leave changed me

Eight steps to follow when communication crisis hits

When marketing and sales silos do not align customer experience suffers

Making magic happen with Sherry Kennett

The three reasons why I am taking parental leave

Always moving forward with Kendal Netmaker

Customer Journey Critique - To protect and smile

Supporting causes with content from the Dalai Lama to the United Nations with Katrina German

Customer Journey 8 key metrics to measure

Customer Journey Critique - A cut above the rest

Making Things Mobile with Chad Jones

Codifying the Customer Journey

The four stages of the Customer Journey

Why Disney coming to Saskatoon matters

Top Seven Marketing Metrics (for me)

Six reasons why all leaders should coach

Not another meeting: the three purposes of meetings

The four steps to follow for phone sales leads

Do you believe the customer is the most important thing?

The Leadership Lid...are you the lid?

The Net Promoter System and why you need it

Creating trust in the connection economy with Sara Wheelwright

The Leadership Gap

Meeting the Leadership Transition Challenge with Jane Halford

The top 3 qualities of leadership I learned from mountain climbing

The Many C's of Leadership - old

12 years of Saskatchewan Digital Marketing with Mouneeb Shahid

Why you need to challenge your business assumptions

The importance of having the right company culture

How a farmer from Portage la Prairie became a digital leader

Customer Service means being more than just a clerk

The problem with WITFM customer service

Leadership doesn’t mean being out in front

Lessons from the Alpine in Leadership

Good to Great

Great By Choice

No Way Home: The 2012 Mount Saskatchewan Attempt

Reading List

Can company values be more than just words?

The Customer Journey

Experiencing the joy of work through five steps

Tapping the Top: The 2013 Everest Accent

Are you proud of where you work? I am and here are the six reasons

Today’s the Day

The Tyranny of Data

Building an Audience

Market Testing with a grain of salt

The One Thing

The reason why we market

Using User Testing

Online meets Offline at NATDA

What would you buy?

The Struggle of Creating Content

FaceTime Fun – New Media Tools

Forgotten Customers

Organizing Creativity

Permission Marketing

The Idea Room

What are you really buying?

Award Winning Customers

Leaders Lead

Risky Business

Making Marketing Decisions: Easy? No! Difficult? Yes!

A little engagement goes a long way

New Year, New Goals, so what should your ulitmate goal be for digital media

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

QR Codes get the team to start thinking off the web for on the web

To be or not to be Interesting

Getting Analytical about Analytics

Teach and you shall learn

The game of content – writing for the web

Create a contact reason and you will become a believer

Setting Direction

Here we go. Creating the online brand

Managing Expectations


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