Chad Jones CEO of Push interactions

On this episode of The other 99 % the guest is Chad Jones. Chad is the CEO of  Push Interactions, formerly CollegeMobile, is an award-winning developer of customized smartphone and tablet applications for organizations, specializing in Apple iOS, AndroidTM, BlackBerry®, and Windows® Phone. Push’s feature-filled mobile apps are designed to improve customer retention or workplace productivity. Push’s vision is to improve quality of life through quality technology.

Push develops apps for industries such as higher education, financial, retail, and healthcare. Push has collaborated with over 50 clients and has developed over 90 applications. Some of Push’s clients include: Federated Co-operatives Limited, Affinity Credit Union, Credit Union Central of Canada, itracks, LearnZillion, Axon Development, and Saskatoon Regional Health Authority.

In the past five years, Push has received national press coverage from CBC, CTV, and Maclean’s Magazine, was nominated for a 2011 NextMedia Digi Award as Canada’s “Top Development Team”, won the 2012 Saskatoon Awards for Business Excellence (SABEX) “Award of Innovation”, was nominated for the 2012 Achievement in Business Excellence (ABEX) “Award of Innovation”, was nominated for the 2013 ABEX Awards for Exports and Innovation and most recently won the 2014 NSBA Team Building Award and the 2014 Saskatoon Achievement in Business Excellence Award for Small Business of the Year. Push is also proud to be listed on the Branham300 Top 50 ICT Companies list for the past 2 years. In 2014 Push also won the ABEX Export Award.

The Push development team consists of the top mobile app developers in Canada, having worked for and being sought after by companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, BlackBerry and Pixar. Push developers work hard to produce organizations with functional and feature-rich mobile solutions that exceed industry standards. Push engineers collaborate with one another to produce consistent quality across all platforms. As a result, Push apps are powerful, functional and require very little maintenance.

 Show Notes:

1:54 Chad talks about how he got started with building aps

2:15 Chad talks about working at apple

3:10 Chad talks about starting a mobile app development class at University of Saskatchewan

7:35 Once you get sixty requests to build an app it is time to start a company

9:25 Hard lessons learned starting up a company

 12:20 Chad talks about teams

16:20 Why would anyone want an app?

19:29 People spend more time using their mobile phone than any other media

25:29 what Chad does to stay current with technology trends

28:10 The power of a new name

29:37 Combating the war for talent

31:40 A players want to work with A players

33:35 What Chad does to keep focused -a vision