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Great service is not about being perfect, it is about what you do when things fall apart.

May 2, 2019

As sure as the sun rises you will have a day when your organization did not provide an excellent customer experience. Customer experiences are delivered by people executing on processes supported by technology.  Those three factors all fail at some point. People make mistakes, processes can not cover every scenario and technology…well as seamless as it continues to strive to be, there is still down time. Acceptance of these facts means you need to have a recovery system in place for when the failures happen.

Customer Success Team

What makes for a good recovery system?

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Is Retail Doomed?

Feb 13, 2019
The future of retail

Today as I look at the overall retail and service landscape, I see organizations failing to meet customer expectations. The list of storied brands shutting down locations is enormous. In 2017 alone, over 5,000 stores of major retailers were closed: Sears and Kmart closed 358 stores, JC Penney 138 stores, Macy’s 68 stores, Payless Shoes emerged from it’s Chapter 11 restructuring with almost 1,000 fewer stores, and the list goes on and on.

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Customer Journey 8 key metrics to measure

Jul 6, 2017

Many will say a great customer journey is accomplished with great customer service at every touch point of that journey. Many experts say that creating a great customer experience is simple, you just need to genuinely care about your customer.  If it’s so simple, why are so many brands falling down?  Perhaps it is because they are not gathering the objective facts measuring their customer journey.  Case in point: 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service but only 8% of people believe these same companies deliver superior customer service (source: Lee resources).This is a massive disconnect which I believe is occurring because the customer journey is not being measured and looked at as a whole.  As stated in the blog The four stages of the customer journey, most organizations have four main stages: Stimulus, Sales Process, After Sales Process, Retention & Referral. To truly understand most processes, one needs to be able to measure them. In this “customer age” that organizations now find themselves in, being able to measure your customer’s journey for optimization is the key to success. Capturing data, understanding data, creating insights from data and applying these insights to your organization, if done well, consistently equals a competitive advantage, especially when using data about your customer journey.

At an aggregate level these stages can be measured and looked at through 8 critical KPIs of your organization. So let’s look at each stage’s KPIs, what they tell you and why they are important.

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Customer Journey Critique – A cut above the rest

May 11, 2017

In an effort to further study the Customer Journey, I have taken observations beyond the myopic environment of the brands I serve to the broader marketplace.  I am proposing a monthly review of a business where I will describe how the customer journey was for me and critique the four stages of the customer journey. If you need a reminder of  the four stages of the customer journey, it is outlined in this blog.

This week I am starting with a B2C service brand. To kick start the critique, this is my Net Promoter Score for the brand in question:

On a scale of 1- 10; 1 being the least likely and 10 being the most likely, how likely are you to recommend this brand to friends, family and colleagues?


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The four stages of the Customer Journey

Mar 30, 2017

Customer Journey can be a loop
Four Stages of the Customer Journey

As I look at the retail and service landscape, I see organizations failing to meet customer expectations.  The reasons are many: the customer can now educate themselves better than what most in-store representatives can provide.  A retail store is limited by the brands they offer versus the brand that a customer may want. The store itself is inconvenient; you have to travel to a location on your own time, often off route. Layer on top of this average customer service at best and it is easy to understand why customers are trying to go direct to brand or heading to e-commerce in ever increasing numbers.  E-commerce as a channel for service is creating an issue in and of itself for brands. While booking services online is a convenience for the customer, fierce cost comparisons are driving prices down and customer service training and staffing tend to get cut to remain price competitive.Continue Reading